How do you differentiate between “Web development” and “Web design.”

Ans : Web design is a subset of website development. Usually, when we use the phrase “web design” it refers to the layout and appearance of a website,but web design also means the structure of the web pages to facilitate easy and intelligent communication with the readers as well as the search engines. Web development though, isn’t limited to only web design. It includes web design, web content creation, web applications, scripting, e-commerce application development and network security configuration.

Why does my company need a website anyway?

Ans : A good website can be a powerful tool to develop your business by enabling global and local expansion. A website is not just a marketing tool , but a great way of bringing in new business. A smartly planned website helps in establishing better relationship with actual and potential customers.

How is a website any different than advertising my business ?

Ans : The potential of a website is remarkably higher than advertising. A website can promote your business like advertising does, but in addition it also helps to penetrate local markets and also introduced your business to the world. A website is more effective than advertising because it gives you the cost benefit by acquiring new customers at lower cost. Finally, it gives you greater access and insights into customers buying patterns and their preferences to help you target your existing customers with newer quality products and product variations.

What can I expect from my website ?

Ans : The success of a website depends largely on setting clear objectives and formulating an internet strategy to achieve it. The decisions taken during the designing and development of the website determine how well the website meets its objectives.

Why can’t we do web development internally for our business ?

Ans : While it is true that some companies do build their own websites, the fact is that there are hundreds of web applications and tools that are required to build a fully optimized professional website for your business. Should you try doing web development internally? There are several considerations here. You would need the best tools, softwares and professionalism to understand the needs of your specific website and design it, and even then it would cost a fortune. The wait for the final product is another factor to account for.

Again, the web developers will have to know about the web standards , scripts and coding so that the website adheres to accepted standards. Even then , the website will have to be tested for errors which may take hours.

Although this description of internal web development may seem exaggerated, consider the effort, time and money and training involved for internal web development before opting for it.

Can you suggest a better idea for web development for our business ?

Ans : Our recommendation is combining the knowledge you have about your business and the message you want to convey on your website with our web development skills to create a website that dominates in its industry and meets your business requirements. Working together we will develop the best portal at the best possible price in the shortest time.

Why should I choose you for web development?

Ans : Clearly, the Internet presence has gone from being a luxury to a necessity. With a changing business environment and cut throat competitive, we must not miss the opportunity provided by internet to grow our business. In this context, it seems necessary to provide a package that is otherwise scattered between hundreds of specialized companies. The design and applications must fulfill the company’s main objectives, the target customers should know about the internet presence of the company and the website should be well managed so that it isn’t pushed into obsolescence.

Our web development package offers these services at a very competitive rate. Our web development professionals frame flexible solutions that meet the business objectives and requirements of our clients. Our primary objective is living up to the expectations of our clients from the projects that we develop.