Website Design Company Bangladesh

A study conducted by researchers at the Carleton University in Ottawa shows that web design is of supreme consequence in casting the first impression on a visitor. The researchers demonstrated that the visitors formed an opinion about the business from the look of a website in 1/20th of a second. A professional web design that appeals to the sensibilities of your visitors could literally put your business in the top gear.

In a dynamic and fiercely competitive marketplace, web design plays a critical role in creation and retention of customers. At BDNetSoul we are committed to help your business achieve its full potential and dominate the industry with a vibrant, intuitive, fully empowered, striking web design at an affordable price. Our skilled team of web designers has experience in

  • Tableless web design using CSS
  • Color theme and style definition using single CSS file
  • Javascript frameworks and libraries to add interactivity to website
  • Stylish use of flash, if required
  • Well structured user-friendly navigation system
  • Appropriate screen density, intelligent information presentation and directional sense
  • Crossbrowser compatibility and support in Firefox, Internet explorer, firefox, opera, safari, netscape.
  • Web 2.0 design implementation and integration with current design trend and industry standards
  • Compliance with W3C standards: CSS 2.1 standard, xHTML 1.0, HTML 4.01.

We realize that to find wholesome solutions for your business, understanding your business objectives and goals in terms of your online presence is essential before conceptualizing the web design. Our specialized team of designers will identify your exact requirements and expectations from your website.

We will combine your ideas with our industry expertise, skills and advanced technology to create a distinctive website that will enable you to position your business as an industry leader. Whether it is a personal website, a website for your organization or a business website, we will help your vision become a reality.

Website Redesign and Maintenance

An existing website needs renovation. Updating your website and its design from time to time is as important as having a website. The redesign is essential for clients and potential customers to sense that your company is dynamic and is updated with the latest technology. This way, your customers will have a positive idea and you can get your company attract and retain new customers.

A website is much more than a marketing tool. In today’s dynamic environment, the website’s actual performance should be constantly evaluated and compared against industry standards and your own targets. If you want to optimize your website to match your goals, add more functionality, exciting new features or make it visually appealing and elegant to attract new customers, then you may like to consider website redesign.

Our team aims to provide efficient solutions to any problem of programming and design, performing a thorough analysis via systematic and structured approach for reaching a successful solution. We can integrate advanced features and updates to your existing layout, structure and format. Alternatively, we can do a complete overhaul of your existing website and provide it an exciting new look with already existing features.

If you already have a website and want someone to maintain and update the content, products and other sections of it, then you may want to consider our web maintenance services. Whether it be editing the content of the web pages or maintaining and updating content in website, we have the right person to do the job at an affortable price. The frequency with which information must be updated varies considerably between different websites. We offer maintenance and updating of high quality both for sites where the information needs periodical updating and portals to be kept constantly updated.

Whether its designing a new website or giving your existing website a facelift, our experienced and talented team of designers can deliver the results for you. To let us know about your exact requirements, contact us.

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