Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission refers to the submission of a website to the major search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. The process of submitting a website helps the search engines quickly discover them and index them in the appropriate category based on the theme and content of the website.

Although the major search engines have their bots crawling the web to find out about the existing and new sites, the process of submission may facilitate the quick indexing of a site in some cases. However, this doesn’t mean that a site should always be submitted to the search engine after creation of a new web page. In fact, certain search engines prefer finding websites by their own and may view frequent submission as an effort to unethically influence the ranking of the website in their database.

Search engine marketing :

Search engine marketing is undoubtedly the fastest, cheapest and most effective way to advertise, gain potential new customers and generate sales from your website. This type of advertising is in line with contemporary marketing, called Performance Marketing, that is, you only pay if you get results , this being truly amazing for the advertiser.

When a potential client makes a query into a search engine, the natural results show up on the left and other results are listed as text ads on the right and sometimes on the top of the screen.

These ads are sponsored by advertisers who bid on certain keywords related to their business or company. The key point is that your ad shows if relevant to the combination of words that the user has entered in his query. This way , the potential customer sees your ad with a higher purchase intent than usual and the advertiser only pays if a user clicks your ad and visits your website.

This advertising system is revolutionary and yet extremely advantageous for the company. It requires a degree of knowledge and management of SEM. Otherwise , it may become very laborious to maintain the account for a variety of reasons, for example if the company has a wide range of products and services or there is intense competition.

This is where a specialized agency experienced in search engine marketing steps in and works to achieve the best results for the advertiser, bidding on the keywords, getting the least cost per click for the traffic generated and ultimately optimizing the campaign to get the best return on investment.

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